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TELL Technology Services & Support

TELL Technology Solutions offers a variety of technology solutions and nitches that other computer repair businesses and MSP’s do not offer.

Laptop / Desktop , Upgrade, Repair and Purchasing Advice

Virus, Malware Removal & Protection

Data Recovery,Backup Plan, Light Digital Forensics

Network Design & Management

Cloud Services & SaaS Solutions

Cyber Security Solutions

Device Repair & Troubleshooting

Is your Desktop / Laptop acting up? Do you need to upgrade your machine to improve performance? Virus or Malware issues? Need better Wi-Fi? Don’t stress just call TELL.

Virus / Malware Removal and Protection

Do you suspect that you have a Virus or Malware? Do you want to ensure you are protected? TELL Tech will clean up your machine and ensure you are protected going forward. TELL offers security maintenance and monitoring solutions for residential and commercial clients.

PC Repair and Upgrade

TELL offers Desktop / Laptop repairs and upgrades. If you are experiencing PC issues reach out today!

Network Management

TELL can set up, monitor and maintain your network so you do not have to worry.

Computer Repair
Data Recovery

Data Backup, Recovery & Light Forensics

TELL offers Data Backup, Recovery & Forensics. Don’t stress your data may not be loss, give TELL a call and let’s see if we can save it!

Backup your data

Your Data is more valuable than ever. Are you backing it up though? With TELL we will partner with you to find the right solution and ensure your data is safely backed up off site, so it is available if something ever happens.

Oh no I deleted pictures of grandma!

Your tired and it is late you go to move photos of grandma but you…delete it! Fret not they are not gone, we can in most instances recovery files you think are deleted our gone.

Need Forensics Help?

TELL uses Autopsy to perform digital forensics and find the crucial data you are looking for. This is popular with our discrete clients.

Cloud & SaaS

TELL offers Cloud and SaaS solutions to advance your family, small practice or business.

Move to the Cloud

You are a small shop, but you want the power of the cloud. Partner with TELL and we will set up, manage and maintain your cloud environment.

O365 or Google Workspaces

Your busy with business lets partner together to find the right cloud solution to make your business more productive and able to be more remote.

SaaS Solutions

You know that there are SaaS solutions, but you don’t know if they make sense for your business or which one is the right one for your business. This is where TELL comes in as your Trusted partner in technology.

Cloud Computing

MOAT, Managed Services, Virtual CTO, and Discrete IT

TELL offers MOAT, Managed Services, and Discrete IT. Our clients have a range of needs, that TELL has the right technology solutions for.


TELL offers several solutions for families. Today’s day and age we have a ton of devices and even more personal data.


TELL’s MOAT offers monthly monitoring, up to date patching, comprehensive antivirus and malware protection all for a low monthly fee.

Managed Services and Virtual CTO

You’re the expert in your business and field, let TELL be the trusted partner in technology management. TELL will be your dedicated IT department at a fraction of the cost of a full staff.
Want someone to drive the tech direction for your company? TELL Technology solutions offers Virtual CTO agreements.

Discreet IT

TELL understands the need for privacy in your life and affairs and that technology while convenient might impact your privacy.

We offer Discreet IT services for clients where we sign an NDA and provide IT services. You have enough to worry about let us ensure your tech is covered.

*Discreet does not mean illegal/criminal activities.


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